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August Event Spotlight

We’re halfway through Summer but nowhere near done with the season’s events. Check out the places to be and the things to see below—and make sure to join us at 187 Augusta for the Diasporasian Futures Final Showcase on August 3rd!   1: Go Somewhere! Japanese Art Tour The Go Somewhere! Japanese Art Tour is…


[Review] Pattern (dis)Placement by Soheila Esfahani

By Allyson Aritcheta All images by Jing Tey Soheila Esfahani meditates on cultural translation by examining ornaments and souvenirs as vessels of “portable culture” in Pattern (dis)Placement (2019). The Iranian visual artist aims to disrupt cultural origins by exploring the spaces between cultures that influence the ornaments and souvenirs on display. The ornaments that Esfahani…


[Review] Beyond Borders Exhibition – CONTACT Photography Festival

By Allyson Aritcheta All images by Jing Tey OCAD University students test the things that separate us in Beyond Borders, examining themes that deal with physical, psychological, and societal divides. These works process borders in surreal and evocative ways. Immigration Inspired by the story of King Shahryar in One Thousand and One Nights—a tale of…

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