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[Review] “Never Never Land” Exhibition by Ghazaleh Avarzamani

By Allyson Aritcheta All images by Tey Yu Jing Pieces of slide are held up by metal frames. Drawings of playgrounds line walls. Two giant soap blocks sit on wooden platforms. Wrapped in walls of blue, Ghazaleh Avarzamani’s Never Never Land houses game-based drawings, sculptures, and fibre works. Avarzamani’s first solo exhibition in Canada questions…


Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads [Book Review]

Published in August 2018 by the Burnaby Art Gallery in Vancouver, Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads is co-written by Ellen van EIjnsbergen, Jennifer Crane, Zoe Chan, Keith Wallace, and features a variety of perspectives on different aspects of Anna Wong’s life offered in both English and French translations, accompanied by stunning, full-colour images of her work. The book…


[Review] Fine China & A Perfect Bowl of Pho

Reviewed by Jennifer Su Featured Image Courtesy of Dahlia Katz There are the stories our parents tell us about our families and their origins, the stories we find in search of identity, on displacement and belonging, and then there are the ghost stories. For those of us in the Vietnamese diaspora, ghost stories are more about…

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