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[Review] Fine China & A Perfect Bowl of Pho

Reviewed by Jennifer Su Featured Image Courtesy of Dahlia Katz There are the stories our parents tell us about our families and their origins, the stories we find in search of identity, on displacement and belonging, and then there are the ghost stories. For those of us in the Vietnamese diaspora, ghost stories are more about…


[Review] “The Aberrant” by Cat Lamora

Reviewed by Allyson Aritcheta Featured Image courtesy of Polina Teif Reflective, red irises bloom from a single paper cactus surrounded by overgrown colourful foliage. A Window Space exhibition at the Xpace Cultural Centre, “The Aberrant” is paper artist Cat Lamora’s three-dimensional intimation on what it means to be a gyopo, or Korean, who has been…


Woori Communal Table Session III: Where Are We Going Now?

Written by Mirae Lee (Korean version below) The act of gathering to intentionally cook together is quite a beautiful idea. Many of us – diasporic children – have normalized spending dinner hours by ourselves. The kitchen is a space for one to reminisce our parents’ cooking as we take a spoonful of red pepper flakes and…

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