Submissions are OPEN for Volume 4 (Deadline June 30th, 2017)

For the love of all things food-related!

Volume 4 will be our FIRST themed issue, focusing on creative work, features and art on food! The Asian community has long used food as identity markers, community symbols, and intergenerational links. Food is also the subject and product of colonizing histories, and class struggle. We wantyour perspectives, reflections and thoughts on all things food!

We are currently accepting poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual art and photography submissions by pan-Asian.Canadian writers, creators and artists, for Volume 4 of LooseLeaf Magazine! (We use a period instead of a hyphen to include non-status folk)

General Guidelines

Please label email submissions with your name, submission category, and volume:  “Abby – Fiction – Volume 4”
and send it to
Please do not leave your name on the attached files of your work.

If you are comfortable letting us know where you are based in Canada, or what part of Asia you link your heritage to,
please also let us know in your email submission as this will help our ongoing research and awareness on inclusivity and diversity in our own programming and work!

Poetry Guidelines

Visual Art Guidelines (Comics Included)

Prose Guidelines (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

If your work doesn’t traditionally fit into any of the above categories, or is a hybrid of genres, please submit it under the category you feel most appropriate and we will consider it just the same.

LooseLeaf is committed to paying you for your work!

Our Publication Rates (We pay, you get paid, caps apply per contributor)
15CAD per poem (capped at 45CAD)
30CAD per poem surpassing 2 pages (capped at 60CAD)
40CAD per short story
40CAD per non-fiction piece
40-70CAD per visual art submission (capped at 80)

Please direct all questions you might have to