The Meaning of Our Tears: The True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day 1929

On a snowy Christmas Day in 1929, Charles Davis Lawson, a respected tobacco farmer in rural North Carolina, murdered everyone in his family except one son. He left the world to consider the reason behind his extremely surprising and brutal act. Since that time, a huge and lonely mass grave has existed quietly in a small family cemetery deep in the North Carolina woods, and it has left generations of people wondering why.On the tombstone, the epitaph reads:"Not now, but in the coming years,It will be in a better land,We'll read the meaning of our tears,and then sometime we'll understand."This sad tale became an even more mysterious one after the gruesome murder scene was left intact for Depression Era tourists to visit and walk through. Sixty years later, more than could ever have been imagined surfaced from interviews with the elderly friends and family of the murderer. Many of whom finally had the courage to tell what they had known for many years. After so many long years, the Lawson family tragedy was documented in the original compelling 376 page collectible hard-cover edition of THE MEANING OF OUR TEARS. The beginning of this book sets the historical stage with true stories of the families involved. The book chronicles the lives of the people involved as they struggled to work and live in the foothill tobacco farming community. Of value also is that this book gives the reader a sense of what life was like in area during that era. Other heart-wrenching tragedies tested this family in many ways and preceded the mass murder. Once you are fully engaged in the story, the actual crime is amazingly reconstructed for the reader using the voices of family members, friends, period photographs, the information given by actual eye witnesses of the aftermath, and the funeral that was attended by thousands. Few murders have ever had so much information come forward so long after the crime was committed. Offered only in limited amounts as a collectible book, and having become very sought-after over the years -- for the first time -- the author is allowing this book to be offered in ebook form at an affordable price. This is an unforgettable telling of a tragic crime with the "voices" of those interviewed smoothly and uniquely woven into the fabric of the book as quotes. This has been handled in such a way that this true crime story is able to read like a novel, yet maintain the reader's knowledge of where all information originated.Once you have read the main portion of the book, it continues into a questions answered section and even gives previously unknown details about the movement of the the infamous John Dillinger as he visited the crime scene that became the infamous Great Depression-era tourist attraction. Don't miss this poignant and tragic true story of a father's twisted love and all that happened in its aftermath. If you enjoy true crime, history, and the unusual, you will love THE MEANING OF OUR TEARS. For more insight into the life of the primary person responsible for much of the secret information that was brought forward to the author, read the book that was released as a companion to this book, A CHILD IN THE MIDST, The Memoirs of Stella Lawson Boles.

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Book Title: The Meaning of Our Tears: The True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day 1929

Book Author: Trudy J. Smith

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