Mystery of the Mazzaroth: Prophecy in the Constellations

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are as old as civilization itself. Yet their origin has puzzled historians. The Bible attributes the "Mazzaroth" (12 signs of the Zodiac) to God. King David wrote that a special Divine message has been heralded to all people of every language in the sky -- as the sun moves through the twelve "houses." MYSTERY of the MAZZAROTH decodes the pictorial message of the Zodiac, showing that it contains the same language of prophetic symbols found in the Bible. The Mazzaroth and the Bible contain the same prophetic story -- Israel's history written in advance. This story begins with God's covenant with Abraham and ends with its ultimate fulfillment -- the Messiah's Kingdom. Previous Christian attempts to decode the Zodiac were all based on the linguistic work of Francis Rolleston. Her theory has been thoroughly debunked. This book presents a completely new approach. Never before has the sequence of Zodiac signs been understood in light of Bible prophecy, telling the sequential story of Israel's history and redemption. This book will open your eyes to a powerful reason to believe that God exists, and that the Creator is the same God who appeared to Abraham.

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Book Title: Mystery of the Mazzaroth: Prophecy in the Constellations

Book Author: Tim Warner

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ISBN: 1481079689