The Real life of a Church Girl, The Untold Story

Being born into my mother's side of the family I was expected to live one way, that was Holy. I was surrounded by Pastors, Elders, Ministers and the saints of God that were my village. A real life church girl.From the time I can remember, my life was Sunday all day church, Wednesday night bible study, Friday night service and Saturday church activities. My way of life, my routine. All I knew and heard were the words Holy Ghost, Holiness; choir members in their black and white; "Church women don't wear pants;" you had to wear a lace head covering; no fornication or committing adultery were allowed. If you did, you would be silenced and treated differently by the saints of God. All I knew was that the Pastor had control of the saints in their church. If you were a pastor you had a pretty wife, a nice car, houses and dressed the best. These were my realities with contradictions thrown in the mix.There are so many broken people possessing and infecting other people with their brokenness all while shouting loud "I'm Christian, I'm saved, a Baptized believer." This type of demonic behavior must be addressed, exposed and cast out so that people can live and not just exist.

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Book Title: The Real life of a Church Girl, The Untold Story

Book Author: T J Callahan

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ISBN: 1649907141