Artist Statement

Girl with Beautiful Eyes is a look into the way our current culture idolizes beauty, technology, and exhibitionism. The project began with an exploration in the world of makeup, and the extent of women’s desire to be beautiful. All the images were taken from a previously made video dissecting a particularly niche makeup process. The process utilizes adhesives to transform the mono-lidded eye into a double-lidded eye. No doubt, this process is vastly popular among Eastern Asian women in countries like China, Japan, and Korea.

The images address ideas of the façade, and distortion. Living in a populated, media and tech-crazed world, we are surrounded by distorted versions of what reality should be. By bringing attention to the materiality of the screen, the artificial nature of such realities are highlighted. Within the screen captures, the uncanniness of the artificial makeup process is met with the discomfort of voyeurism. Here you observe the classic tale of a girl transforming herself to become beautiful, desired, and happy. Yet the presentation leaves you cold, claustrophobic, and yearning for something more in a world that is entirely constructed.

From Volume 2
Selected by Amanda Low, Managing Visual Arts Editor


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