Collection of Poems & Sketches

By Jessica Leung

i. Untitled Sketch #1

ii. Level of Audism

iii. Untitled Sketch #2

iv. Hearing Ep. 1

v. Untitled Sketch #3

vi. Deaf Ep. 2

vii. Untitled Sketch #4

viii. Deaf White People

ix. Untitled Sketch #5

x. Dear White-Deaf

xi. Untitled Sketch #6

xii. Intergenerational Trauma

xiii. Untitled Sketch #7

Artist Statement:

This selection of poems are the artists’ response to racism and audism and how it affects their intersectional identity on a daily basis. The works include four poems alongside scans of ink, markers, watercolour sketches—all of which examine themes of race, audism, and identity. Jessica’s works focus on the conditioned live experience—with an interest in sharing and bridging an understanding of social justice and equity both in the hearing world and Deaf world—to discuss and bring necessary dialogue to the attention of multiple communities.

Artist Bio:

Jessica identifies as Deaf ENBY POC (Non-Binary, Person of Colour), Taiwanese and Chinese. Jessica is emerging, cultural linguistic, poet, zine maker, visual artist, and curious in movement space integrate with sign language — hoping to learn more deeply from others about social justice and equity, as well as their own cultures and other perspectives. They are currently residing as a settler living on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish peoples (Vancouver, BC). Working with various social enterprises such as Cascadia Deaf Nation — an empowerment vehicle which aims to support Deaf Black Indigenous People of Colour (DBIPOC) intersectionalities and their comrades to have the courage to transform, grow and create dialogues containing their own stories, businesses and communities. Jessica most recently participated in Tangled Art + Disability’s exhibition titled Home: Body — working alongside Jenelle Rouse, Cindy Baker and Re:Asian to develop and perform a solo movement poetry performance piece titled The First.