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Themed Issue: Labour

As diasporic peoples and immigrants, our stories of displacement, transition and survival are inextricable from labour. As people living in capitalist systems, our value as human beings is often conflated with our labour production. For Volume 6, LooseLeaf is interested in the stories of labour we hold in our bodies, individually and collectively. How we move through colonial systems as racialized, labouring bodies, how labour is gendered and perpetuated in and outside of our communities. How labour is rendered invisible yet demanded: emotional labour, healing and nurturing labour, creative labour. We are also looking for critiques of labour in art and creative industries, in community and grassroots work, and disruptions and reinterpretations of the ways we understand labour.

This year, LooseLeaf Magazine is going:

  1. Riso! This is very exciting for our editorial team as it allows us to go in different creative directions than we’ve done before. It also means creative opportunities for our contributors!
  2. Online! We’ve finally gotten enough funding to be able to pay contributors for LooseLeaf Online! This means we’ve expanded the types of art we are accepting to digital mediums!


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